Russia · Rotted Life / Me Saco Un Ojo Records

Gosudar is a death metal band from Moscow, which explores issues of historical abyss and cruelty of humanity through gloomy and dark death doom riffs of apocalypse. Founded in 2018, the band issued the first 2-track demo via Rotted Life.A split with Carcinoid arrived in 2019 in collaboration with Fucking Kill Recordings. It took two years, before the debut full-length Morbid Despotic Ritual was ready and released by Rotted life. It was a six-track journey to the dark ages of ancient kings that discovered the ideas of eschatological nightmare. “Morbid Despotic Ritual” conveys classic raw death metal riffs with old-school technicality and aggression. This release became a gate the next stage – split with Malignant Altar, which was released in cooperation with Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Rotted Life in 2022. Gosudar has shown “ability to sound gross while having actually very intricate songs just played with a primitive ferocity that slams out pure hatred while feeling original and unique”. That split is a tortuous riff’s kaleidoscope of death doom metal from the end of the night. Gosudar performs dark gloomy death doom metal from the torture crypts of the Third Rome.