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Kill-Town Death Fest (KTDF) is a Danish underground Death Metal festival that seeks to promote underground Death Metal bands from around the world. Read more about KTDF here!

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Important updates from KTDF HQ


The KILL-TOWN DEATH FEST “CORONA EDITION” is over, but what a weekend it was! It was amazing to see how many people travelled from far away to be part of this event to celebrate contemporary death metal! We heard from so many people that this was their first live music event in over 18 months and we could tell from the smiles on people’s faces that they were very happy to be back and to experience a live music event kinda like it was before the pandemic.
We are very pleased with how everything turned out – from the amazing performances of the bands to the extremely nice weather that one could only dream of as event organizers. It felt like a walk in the park to only have 13 bands on the program compared to the usual 40+ bands and it was actually nice to have some time to breathe between the shows. Maybe something to consider for future editions to have slightly fewer bands and some space between the concerts? What was your experience?
We would of course like to thank all the bands for agreeing to play this festival with such short notice and for delivering some amazing and unforgettable concert experiences! We would obviously also like to thank our team of volunteers from merch sellers to tech crew to drivers and hands for their hard work before, during and after the festival. A special thanks goes out to volunteer coordinators Lisa (general volunteer coordination), Tiago (stage management and backliner) and Trine (driver coordinator) – you guys were the backbone of this festival! We would also like to extend our gratitude to the amazing people at Pumpehuset for letting us have this event at their venue and for being awesome and super professional to work with - thanks to Kristoffer, Jeff, Lau, Jasmin, Teis, Esben, Markus and Linda! Also thanks to Jens and the DJ collective METAL MANIACS for spinning records all weekend and to Christian and HEAVY THUNDER METAL MARKET for making a great market event Saturday afternoon. We would also like to give a shoutout to Malik and Ramen to Biiru for hosting the nice ramen event Friday and Saturday in Nørrebro. Thanks to Sam and Jason of Stench Reel and Gareth of Dullahan Productions for flying all the way over from the States to come film and record all the bands playing inside. Keep an eye out for clips online and check out their work. Last, but not least, we would like to thank Rahma Gutslaughter for her incredible artwork and Steven Ash for doing all of our graphic design and layout. Please check out Rahmas work and support Steven’s label; Seed of Doom!
We will now take some much needed rest and recharge our batteries, but we will be back in September 2022 with Kill-Town Death Fest VIII “Ridden with Disease” – which is totally sold out. Until then keep a look out for tours from Killtown Bookings starting this winter and onwards.

//KTDF Crew

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