Kill-Town Death fest is a Danish underground Death Metal festival that seeks to promote underground Death Metal bands.

KTDF is a celebration of the current underground Death Metal scenes, the active bands, and the people involved. Our goal is to create a festival that puts the focus back on the music and the bands by presenting the new, young demo bands along with the old favorites. We want to make it possible for underground Death Metal bands to reach a broader audience, beyond their national borders. By doing so we hope to create an international exchange amongst non-commercial underground Death Metal scenes.

International Dimension

In the past decade there has been a rise of a new young generation of bands within the international underground Death Metal scenes. Many bands have risen and the need to tour and get exposure is increasing. Kill-Town Death Fest is an attempt to encourage this by creating a platform, and functioning as a channel for not only Scandinavian but also International Death Metal bands who may not necessarily have the means or opportunities to reach a broader audience. We want to facilitate this by showcasing bands at the festival, prompting them to gain exposure in a non-commercial way.

The festival wishes to promote international co-operation between bands, bookers, record labels and zines. Through that, looking to create an exchange of ideas, experiences, inspiration and knowledge. We want to build upon existing networks, while at the same time trying to expand and include new people, bands and initiatives that can contribute to the creation of this event, thus strengthening non-commercial underground culture. The line-up is carefully built up of hand-picked bands, all of which are exclusively brought in for this event. Transportation costs are therefore the biggest part of our budget, as it’s expensive to transport non-touring bands here and back. It is of the utmost importance for the festival to present a varied line-up consisting solely of international underground Death Metal bands.

A different festival

The idea behind festival is to create an event that will be the frame for underground Death Metal bands who, for the most part, doesn’t fit in with the programming of commercial venues, and to fill the void that exists in Scandinavia concerning a method of exposure for underground bands.

The festival wishes to give our guests and performing artists a different kind of festival experience, by creating a space where everyone can feel welcome regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age or economic/cultural background.

The festival thus intends to contribute on two levels; namely, by creating a channel for underground Death Metal that doesn’t exist already, showing that music and culture can be about more than money and commercial interests. At the same time, we are actively trying to create an atmosphere around the festival that is tolerant, open, gives space for diversity and that can aspire to a different way of interacting where for example people of colour, women or homosexuals don’t have to feel uncomfortable nor experience harassment.


Kill-Town Death Fest is curated an organized by Killtown Bookings in collaboration with Pumpehuset and with the help of a group of dedicated people lifting the main areas of the festival. During the festival the main tasks such as cleaning, driving, cooking, info point, merch sale etc is handled by volunteers. The people from the venue working the bars and security are hired staff.


Kill-Town Death Fest
c/o Killtown Bookings
Sydområdet 4E, 2nd
1440 Copenhagen K






If you wish to volunteer before, during or after the festival, feel free to reach out and then we will get back to you. We need help with a variety of chores, so we are happy to hear from you.