United States · Headsplit Records

Formed in 2018 by Tanner Moore, Logan Miller, and Julio Langenberg, Cystic grew out of basements in Seattle, Washington. No frills, gimmicks, or antics, Cystic brings a dark and powerful edge to the thriving Northwest death metal scene. After releasing the gritty ‘Last Days’ demo that gained underground popularity, the band spent the next few years defining a sound which focused on constructing an experience that embodies a sorrowful, bleak and emotional spirit of death metal. For their next few releases, ‘Sworn Enemy of Life’ LP and the ‘Incineration Rites’ 7”, Cystic began to embody this new sound, especially with the addition of Jullian Rhea of Fetid on the drums and Nick Emard of Degraved on 2nd guitar. Over the course of 2021, the band began to write their sophomore LP ‘The Palace of Shadows’, bringing much more intentional and nuanced songwriting all with the same urgency and intensity that has come to define the bands’ sound. This release will be their most well-constructed and powerful recording to date. Cystic continues to give devastating live performances throughout the country, and will be performing for the first time overseas at Kill-Town Death Fest in September 2023.