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Corona Edition 2021

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BASTARD GRAVE (swe) – Pulverised records

Bastard Grave is a death metal band from southern Sweden that likes to keep it primitive and raw. There is no place for overt technicality and musical show off here, only lobotomized and disgusting death metal straight from the sewers. Started by a bunch of demented minds in 2012, and after releasing their first demo they immediately caught the attention of Pulverised Records in Singapore, and a deal was signed. At the end of 2015 the debut album "What lies beyond" was unleashed. It's an album firmly rooted in the old school death metal of their home country Sweden, with added filth, hooks and crusty riffs. Touring soon followed which took them to large parts of europe, and they have since then done a slew of shows in support of the album. With the second album ”Diorama of human suffering”, released in time for their appearance at Killtown Deathfest 2019, there was a shift in focus from the frantic speed and riffing of the first album, into slower and murkier territories. Stripping away the traditional Swedish chainsaw sound, BASTARD GRAVE has never sounded more disgusting and repulsive, resulting in a swampfuck of a bludgeoning Death Metal record. And as they enter the stage at Killtown 2021 the final touches on album no 3 are being made.
Check them out live here:

CHAOTIAN (dk) – Extremely Rotten Productions

Formed in the summer of 2017, Chaotian is the newest addition to the Extremely Rotten family hailing from Kill-town. The band started their sonic devastation with the well-received demo ‘Where Gods Excarnate’ recorded with the help of Tuna (Phrenelith, Hyperdontia, Sulphurous) that many have placed among the top demos of 2018. The following year the band released their second demo ‘Festering Carcinolith’ that showcased a more focused and experienced death metal sound. These two demos would afterwards be compiled into the ‘Festering Excarnation’ compilation from 2020, which saw the band’s music available on vinyl LP and CDs for the first time. In early 2021, the band released their single for the upcoming album entitled ‘Adipocere Feast’ which was recorded and produced in its entirety by Marcus Ferreira Larsen of Demon Head fame at his No Master’s Voice Studio. With inspirations from bands like Immolation, Demilich, Ritual Necromancy and Infester, Chaotian exists only to bring riff-heavy, crushing death metal back to life. Currently, the trio is working on their debut album which is set for a release through Extremely Rotten, Me Saco Un Ojo and Dark Descent.
Check them out live here:

CONCRETE WINDS (fin) – Sepulchral Voice Records

After their highly acclaimed debut, "Poisoned Void", and the outstanding mini-album "Current Mouth", many shows and two European tours, Finland´s Vorum ceased to exist. But the dead can not die, for they are still hungry... Up from the ashes a new phoenix has arisen; Concrete Winds! Concrete Wind’s debut album "Primitive Force" opens up a maelstrom to the deepest pits of Death Metal. This is beyond a journey; this is a fucking rush, starting as ripping as it ends, without a single warning. Wildest fury & blackest wrath are the godfathers of "Primitive Force". Concrete Winds reduce everything to a lo-fi, cut & paste undergroundish presentation. They set a statement and raise a middle finger to a distraction shot from what is relevant. Simply, Concrete Winds´ Primitive Force is the pure magick of a death metal sound and gospel. Some want to see the world burning - Concrete Winds serves them a primitive torch.
Check them out live here:

DEAD VOID (dk/uk) – Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo

Eschewing trends and recklessly treading their own mysterious path, Dead Void takes you on an unpredictable journey into the murky depths of psychological terror; a slow, punishing descent may at any moment give way to a wild, unhinged assault. Firmly rooted in the more obscure classics, this is a band that appreciates dynamics and confidently plays things their own way without compromise. Emerging onto the scene seemingly at random in 2017 for a gig in Bucharest with the legendary Root, before any evidence of the band could even be found, Dead Void has proved to be one of the more enigmatic entities of recent times. The band’s 2018 demo tape, ‘The Looming Spectre’, sold out multiple times, even after re-releases on Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Since then the band has made only a handful of live appearances. Recording for a debut album took place recently at No Master’s Voice studios in Copenhagen, where they recorded straight to tape. Staying true to the sounds manifested on the demo, the live recordings in the studio are reported to have quickly become intense and wholly demented. Expect Death Metal of The Void that is less clean, less technical, less progressive and even less ritualistic. But far more mind-melting.
Check them out live here:

DEMILICH (fin) – Svart Records


Demilich have deservedly become one of the most legendary bands to emerge from the Finnish metal underground. While they are obscure in the grand scheme of things, they are well known in the metal underground and probably need no introduction to most underground death metal fans as they could be considered one of the most important bands in codifying the "dissonant and technical" strain of death metal alongside Quebec's Gorguts. The sheer experimentation of this music represents a progression of the genre of death metal that has seldom been equalled elsewhere, and the music is much more complex than it first appears on the surface. The band was created in Kuopio, Finland during 1990, established by vocalist / guitarist Antti Boman, bass player Jussi Teräsvirta plus drummer Mikko Virnes. The cassette demos 'Regurgitation Of Blood' and 'The Four Instructive Tales... Of Decomposition' surfaced the following year, after which Barathrum guitarist Aki Hytönen was added to the roster. '...Somewhere Inside The Bowels Of Endlessness...' followed in 1992. In February 1993 Demilich released their debut album, 'Nespithe' which has later become an underground classic. The band initially disbanded in 1993, but was resurrected in 2005-2006 again in 2010 and now active since 2014 with an American tour under their belt among several festival performances. The band's live performance is consistently fantastic; this is demanding material from a technical standpoint and the four members of Demilich are more than up to the challenge of performing it.
Check them out live here:

FUOCO FATUO (it) – Profound Lore Records

Fuoco Fatuo was born in 2011, in the middle of the ghastly lakes of Varese, Italy. Starting out as an occult and oppressive death/doom band with an eerie and gloomy atmosphere, in 2014 they released their debut LP “The Viper Slithers In The Ashes Of What Remains”, which followed several EPs. Their sophomore LP “Backwater”(2017, Profound Lore Records) is a massive and suffocating funeral doom album, an exploration of the darkest and most desolate spaces through a sickened development of sound, making it like a flood of impenetrable black magma. The sound evolved and the band grew from three to four members with M.(Guitars, Vocals), G.(Guitars), N.(Bass), D.(Drums). The flowing magma of “Backwater” has buried and devoured all that lied underneath, and this is where Fuoco Fatuo’s “Obsidian Katabasis” latest LP dwells (2021, Profound Lore Records). A deeper and obscure undiscovered dimension. The extreme doom essence absorbs elements of dreadful nature which find cohesion into this record for a rich and thick sound and manifest into a visionary descent that evokes what is primordial. Fuoco Fatuo played at festivals such as Roadburn Festival and Kill-Town Death Fest, made a European tour with Dark Buddha Rising and shared the stage with Grave Miasma, Yob, Esoteric, Ash Borer, Evoken, Hooded Menace and Necros Christos among others.
Check them out live here:

GHASTLY (fin) – 20 Buck Spin

Ghastly was formed in 2011 as a project by multi-instrumentalist Ian J. d’Waters & vocalist Gassy Sam. After a demo and a 7” they released their debut album “Carrion of Time” through Me Saco Un Ojo Records in 2015. Around that time it became obvious that Ghastly wasn't just a project anymore. They added a live drummer and started playing a handful of shows in Finland. Slowly as time passed they added another vocalist & guitarist and recorded their second album “Death Velour” that was released by 20 Buck Spin in 2018. The album was received well and took Ghastly outside of Finland to Germany and Copenhagen (Kill-Town Death Fest) in 2019. As 2020 put everything on hold, Ghastly focused on finalising their new album “Mercurial Passages” that was released once again by 20 Buck Spin on 28th of May, 2021. Now as more fierce, nightmarish and surreal than ever, Ghastly are ready to strike again!
Check them out live here:

GRAVE MIASMA (uk) – Sepulchral Voice Records

Grave Miasma

‘Abyss of Wrathful Deities’ is Grave Miasma’s fifth release, the latest in a 19-year sonic exploration of the transcendental essence and nature of death. Nine tracks of pounding, dark Death Metal await the listener, rooted in the adoration of mysterious Tibetan burial rites and shamanic passages to other worlds. Trading a little of the cavernous atmospheres of previous releases for the traditional Metal currency of speed and aggression, ‘Abyss…’ still sounds immediately and inimitably like Grave Miasma. Preserved from the cremation pyre of a previous entity in 2006, Grave Miasma have emanated the foulest spirits live around the world since 2003. After the release of ‘Endless Pilgrimage’ in 2016, Grave Miasma performed in Latin America, Australia, the US, Israel, Turkey and across many European countries. During the course of their career, Grave Miasma has featured at prestigious festivals such as Roadburn, Kill-Town Death Fest, Maryland/ Netherlands Deathfests, Dark Mofo, Desertfest, Beyond the Gates, Steelfest and Til Dovre Faller. Experience the hellish descent towards otherworldly chasms through a thousand shades of death!
Check out the music video for to "Rogyapa" here:

KRYPTS (fin) – Dark Descent Records

During their formation in 2008 the vision behind Krypts was to play Death metal. While in the past decade their sound has evolved more complex and sinister, the core sound has remained the same: a dark mixture of Death & Doom metal. Krypts have steadily spread their reputation and played all over Europe and in North- and South-America. However, their first concert outside Finland, and second live show ever, was in the first edition of KTDF. Having also witnessed its funeral, Krypts are eager to return and play one of their only concerts at this year's festival. The band has released three full-length albums (‘Unending Degradation’, ‘Remnants of Expansion’ and ‘Cadaver Circulation’) through Dark Descent Records. Prior to these, they have released ‘Open the Crypt’ 12”-demo and a self-titled 7” EP through Me Saco Un Ojo and now defunct Detest Records.
Check out Krypts live here:

MAIM (swe)

Maim was formed in 2006 with the intention to create filthy and raw Death Metal. In the veins of Death, Autopsy and the American/Swedish 80s scene they recreate the gritty feeling that extreme metal need. The bands first album "From the Womb to the Tomb" saw its light in april 2009 and was released by dutch record label Soulseller Records. Followed by "Deceased to Exist" in 2011 and the latest release "Ornaments of Severity" in 2017. A 3 track EP "With Dawn comes Death" was also released by Norwegian label No Posers Please in 2015. After some line-up changes during the years Maim now stands ready to once again hit the road, and starting off by performing at Killtown Deathfest in Copenhagen.11 years later from the very first edition they performed. Maim consists of Christian Sandberg (Guitar,Vocals), Henric Ottosson (Drums) and Niclas Löfgren (Bass).

SEPTAGE (dk/tr) – Me Saco Un Ojo Records / Extremely Rotten Productions / Steel & Bone Productions

Septage were formed during pandemic times by three friends knowing each other from the Copenhagen underground scene. The goal was and is to fuse death metal riffing with the grossness and urgency of the best classic goregrind in songs that are punchy and to the point - yet holds the interest for repeated listening. In spite of an obvious lack of shows, the debut EP, Septic Decadence, received international acclaim. Not a band to sit on their hands, Septage recorded a follow-up EP in early 2021 for release on Me Saco Un Ojo and Dark Descent later in the year. With the imminent resurgence of concerts worldwide, Septage are ready to spread their vision in this way as well. ”On evidence of the band’s debut EP, Septic Decadence, Septage are a fresh breath of foul old air, proudly presenting themselves as a gore-infested death metal band whilst offering new knife twists to the subgenre. [...] Septage‘s execution here is extremely articulate, their chops truly enviable.” - Me Saco Un Ojo
Check them out live here:

TARDUS MORTEM (dk) – Emanzipation Productions

Tardus Mortem is an oldschool death metal band from Fyn, Denmark, which sole purpose is to suffocate the listener in ominous tales of Christ and providence by using their instruments to create morbid melodies enchanting the impending Armageddon. The band consists of Dennis Strømberg, age 20 (ex-Black Tritonus ex-Human Mutilation, Apocalyptic Frost, Rancid Pus) on drums and vocals, Lasse Usbeck Andresen, age 22 (ex-Ilumize, ex- Human Mutilation) on guitar and vocals and Christian Baier Rasmussen, age 22 (ex-Error 404 ex-Dark Marshall) on bass and vocals. Formed in 2015 with Strømberg, Jonas Jørgensen on bass and Christian Stahl on drums, this lineup only produced one demo the “Reincarnated Through Bloodshed”, before the line-up fell apart. Through the years, 2016 and 2017 Dennis created and recorded the “As Life Ends” demo, with the goal of continuing the band in a darker and more desolate style of death metal. The “reformation” came in 2017, where Dennis switched to drums and Lasse and Christian joined the band on guitar and bass. The intention was to create music that echoes the bowels of hell. By using lower tuned guitars, guttural hymns, and intense drums. That vision has remained since then in the band. Through the “Engulfed in Pestilent Darkness” album, the hymns have only gotten more desolate and apocalyptic, which has come across the few concerts the band has played from 2017 to now and that comes across on the forthcoming album.
Check them out here:

THE FUNERAL ORCHESTRA [TFO] (swe) – Nuclear War Now! Productions

The current trio consists of a guitarist/vocalist, bassist and percussionist. TFO uses elements of orchestral percussion with trance-like rhythms instead of a traditional drummer. Together with low-pitched strings and apocalyptic chants, an abysmal soundscape of death is formed. The debut album "Feeding The Abyss" was released in 2003. After that, it has been sparse of new material except for a few sessions that have been released. Since 2019, TFO has been very active in terms of creativity and releases. The second full-length album "Negative Evocation Rites" was recorded and released in 2020. Over the years there have only been a few performances but there will be more (after the plague)...
Check them out live here:

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